Driving Depression Care Forward by Optimizing Quality Measures

Millions of Americans live with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), but many do not receive regular screenings or assessment. Quality measurement is one tool that can help drive better depression care through improved screening, monitoring and outcome assessment. However, of the 571 National Quality Forum-endorsed measures, just two are MDD-specific. Developing new, appropriate quality measurement tools spanning structure to outcomes assessment are critical to improving care for people with MDD.

In an effort to advance MDD quality measurement and treatment, Lundbeck, in collaboration with Takeda and Leavitt Partners, convened a roundtable of experts to review existing quality measures, and identify gaps in those measures and their use. Roundtable participants included thought leaders from public and private organizations, and each provided unique and varied viewpoints throughout the discussion.

The participants recommended effectively utilizing measurement tools to help drive better depression care through improved screening, monitoring and outcome assessment. They also recommended moving from a focus on process measures and the assessment of symptoms to a well-defined and prioritized use of structural and functional outcome measures. Ultimately, for quality measures to have a meaningful impact on patient care, these thought leaders agreed that the focus must be relevant to both health care professionals (HCPs) and patients; and any enhancements to quality reporting must address the tension between standardizing measurement and restricting HCPs choices.

Learn more about the recommendations here.


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