In the News: Chicago Sun-Times Covers Lundbeck’s Commitment to Alzheimer’s Research and New Alzheimer’s Treatments

The Chicago Sun-Times recently featured Doug Williamson, MD, Lundbeck’s Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of US Medical, in an article on new approaches to treating Alzheimer’s. The piece explored how academic researchers and drug developers are testing ways to halt the disease progression. It highlighted Lundbeck’s groundbreaking work testing an immune therapy aimed at directing the body’s own natural antibodies to attack amyloid deposits – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease – in a person’s brain.

“By developing treatments that can slow the rate by which the toxic proteins are deposited, or at which they accumulate, we may be able to slow the rate at which the brain cells are dying, and slow down the disease progression — with the hope that people living with Alzheimer’s can have a normal progression of life,” said Dr. Williamson in the article.

The article also mentioned Lundbeck’s late-phase testing of a treatment for agitation in Alzheimer’s disease. Lundbeck is developing this treatment in partnership with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Inc. The goal is to let people with Alzheimer’s live at home, if their medication can help stave off the agitation and aggression they sometimes direct at relatives they no longer recognize, the article explained.

Read the full article here.


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