Infographic: Guide to Alzheimer's Fundamentals, from A to Z

An estimated 5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, yet the disease remains a mystery to many. This infographic details – from A to Z – the fundamentals of Alzheimer’s and the various approaches researchers are taking to tackle it.



Infographic: Breaking Down Brain Disorder Impact and Cost
Medicines that treat brain disorders take longer and cost more to develop than other drugs. This infographic details the current and future impact of brain disorders, including psychiatric and neurological disorders, and outlines the urgent need for drug discovery and new therapies.
New Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease are on the Horizon
By Gary Tong, MD, PhD
Advances in Alzheimer’s research are occurring faster and with greater frequency than ever before. In this Morning Consult opinion piece, Dr. Gary Tong, Lundbeck's U.S. Therapeutic Area Head for Dementia, discusses this new era of Alzheimer’s research and the promise of potential new treatments.