Video: The Link Between Migraine and Mental Health

Lundbeck’s Dr. Roger Cady, a migraine specialist and Vice President of Neurology, and Dr. Doug Williamson, a psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President Lundbeck US R&D, discuss the connection between migraine and mental health, and they explore why some people with migraine may be at higher risk for disorders like anxiety and depression. Watch the video below.


Video: The Evolution of Migraine Care & Treatment
Dr. Roger Cady, headache specialist and VP of neurology, shares how understanding and care of migraine has changed over the course of his career.
Identifying and Addressing Mental Illness Hot Spots Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic
Mental Health America and Lundbeck announce the launch of a groundbreaking big data initiative that will map mental health hotspots to inform policies and programs to address mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.