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Brain disorder research
Harnessing the Power of AI to Speed Drug Discovery and Development
By Newsroom editorial staff
Lundbeck and a data-driven drug design company are collaborating to utilize AI to identify clinical candidates for brain disorder therapies.
In the News: Chicago Sun-Times Covers Lundbeck’s Commitment to Alzheimer’s Research and New Alzheimer’s Treatments
Lundbeck's Doug Williamson, MD, is featured in a Chicago Sun-Times article about Alzheimer's disease research and new approaches to Alzheimer's treatments.
Report Offers Hope, Outlines 537 New Drugs in Development for Neurological Disorders
A new report shows there are 537 medicines in development for neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Learn how Lundbeck is advancing treatments for brain disorders.
Inside the Alzheimer's Pipeline: Diversity of Treatments Spells Promise
By Gary Tong, MD, PhD
A new report shows there are 92 medicines in development for Alzheimer’s. Learn what’s different about today’s pipeline.