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Patient voices
Lundbeck Debuts Migraine Moods, an Interactive, Creative Tool for the Migraine Community
Migraine Moods provides a creative outlet for people to share their migraine experience.
The True Face of Migraine
New coalition works to address racial disparity in migraine care.
The Other Side of Parkinson’s: Opening Up About Nonmotor Symptoms
One woman shares her personal experience to raise awareness and let others know they are not alone.
Building a Culture of Mental Health for Black Men and Boys, One Barber Chair at a Time
A profile of Lorenzo Lewis and The Confess Project, a movement to destigmatize mental illness and help connect Black men to mental health services.
Nelson’s Story: Living with Schizophrenia
Nelson shares his journey, which includes addiction, homelessness, diagnosis of schizophrenia, treatment and now managing his disease.