Video: Why We Need World Mental Health Day

Mental health should be a regular topic of conversation, but too often it is not. The social stigma associated with mental illness keeps some people from talking about their mental health needs, and it prevents some from seeking care and treatment. In fact, nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from a health professional, according to the World Health Organization1.

As a leader in brain health, Lundbeck is committed to raising awareness of mental health disorders and destigmatizing mental illness. We are proud to again partner with the World Federation for Mental Health to support World Mental Health Day – observed around the world on October 10. It’s a day to initiate conversations about mental health, show support for people living with mental illness and raise awareness of the unmet needs in mental healthcare.

“Ideally, every day would be a day that we could talk openly and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness,” says Doug Williamson, MD, chief medical officer and vice president of US Medical at Lundbeck. “But a day like this gives us an opportunity to have that conversation and to remind people of the importance of speaking openly about mental illness and of reaching out for help if you need it.”

Hear more from Dr. Williamson, along with experts from Mental Health for America and Families for Depression Awareness on why we need World Mental Health Day. 



1. World Health Organization, “Mental Disorders Affect One in Four People: Treatment available but not being used.” Last accessed 10/3/19


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