Borrowing From the Cancer Playbook to Find Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

CNN recently featured Doug Williamson, MD, Lundbeck's Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, US Medical, in an article on groundbreaking new approaches to Alzheimer's treatments. The piece highlighted Lundbeck's work with partner ImmunoBrain Checkpoint. The collaboration is exploring how immune checkpoint inhibitors, a type of cancer drug that is often made of antibodies able to trigger an immune response and "turn off" the ability of cancer cells to masquerade as normal, could be used against Alzheimer's disease.

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Some Alzheimer's News to Celebrate: 2018 Brain Prize Winners
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The Lundbeck Foundation’s 2018 Brain Prize was awarded to four pioneers in the battle against Alzheimer’s. Dr. Doug Williamson, Chief Medical Officer & VP US Medical, shares how Lundbeck is building on the breakthroughs of the winners and attacking Alzheimer’s disease from a variety of angles.
The Alzheimer's Research Revolution
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There’s a revolution underway in the Alzheimer’s research world. At the heart is a change in the way researchers and regulators define and stage the disease, and it might just lead to the breakthrough Alzheimer’s researchers, patients and families have been waiting for.