Report Offers Hope, Outlines 537 New Drugs in Development for Neurological Disorders

A new report details the progress scientists are making in the battle against neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. The report provides an overview of the 500+ medicines that biopharmaceutical researchers, including those at Lundbeck, are developing to prevent and treat neurological disorders.

The 2018 report from PhRMA, the industry organization of America’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, offers hope for the nearly 100 million Americans who are impacted by neurological disorders. It highlights how scientists today are uncovering more about how the nervous system works at the molecular and genetic levels, and how that is driving more first-in-class treatments.

Doug Williamson, MD, Lundbeck’s Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, US Medical, is featured in the report and shares why he is hopeful about the future of neurological medicines. “Just as cancer has progressed from being a death sentence to often being treatable and in some cases curable, the next few decades will see far more effective treatments for a variety of neurological diseases,” he said.

“The exploration of how the immune system can influence brain diseases like Alzheimer’s is one of the more exciting new areas of research for us,” Dr. Williamson continued. “We are currently investigating how an imbalance in the immune system can drive a permanent and unhealthy inflammation of the brain. Understanding the role of immune and neuronal interactions in brain disorders will hopefully point us toward new avenues to develop breakthrough treatments for patients.”

Read the report here.


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